Puzzloop 1.0.0

Colorful Zuma style puzzle game


  • Very addictive
  • Nice, colorful graphics
  • Good background music


  • Controls require practice


Have you played Zuma? If so, then you already know what Puzzloop is about. And if you don't know Zuma, pay attention because you're about to discover one of the most addictive puzzles ever made.

Puzzloop is a colorful puzzle designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch that you'll be hooked on before you realize it. Your mission is simple: use the cannon in the center of the screen to shoot balls at the line around you, so that you get at least three balls of the same color together. Then they'll disappear from the line and you'll earn points. If the line reaches the cannon, you're lost!

Of course, things get a bit more complicated in Puzzloop as you progress through the game: faster pace, less time, annoying creatures that make your balls bounce off the line… anything goes!

Also, Puzzloop can get a bit frustrating because the iPhone screen seems to be very sensitive and you need to be very careful when aiming at balls if you don't want to miss the shot. Just keep on trying and you'll get the knack of it!

There are two other versions of Puzzloop with more levels, but this free version is more than enough to get you hooked – and - perhaps even begin to consider buying the full one!

Puzzloop is a Zuma-based, fun addictive puzzle that will keep you amused for a decent while.



Puzzloop 1.0.0

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